October 2021: American Naturalist accepted our modelling POLS study!


September 2021: Frontiers accepted our neophobia study!


September 2021: Ecology Letters accepted our new concept and measure to quantify cascading effects of foraging behaviour on  biodiversity (DivGUD).


November 2020: We got the cover of Oikos, with a spider though.


August 2020: Of city and village mice is finally out in Scientific Reports.


June 2020: Alex' first BioMove PhD chapter is accepted for publication in Oikos and became editor's choice!


March 2020: Our BioMove family paper is finally out in Biological Reviews!


January 2020: My niche is out!


December 2019: Annika's "My niche" paper got accepted at Proc R Soc B!


July 2019: After several decisions that turnt out to be risky Valeria's "risky decisions" paper is published in Scientific Reports!


May 2019: Uli's methods paper on inferring dynamic interactions from concurrent movement data got accepted at MEE!


March 2019: Annika's first PhD paper and our first BioMove paper is out!


A summary (in German) of our current research was published in Portal Wissen, University of Potsdam, 02/2018, pp. 48-53 - "Jedes Tier ist anders: Biologinnen erforschen das individuelle Verhalten von Kleinsäugern".


Press release to Valeria's paper (in German):

Schnell oder flexibel? – Zusammenhang von Lernstil und Persönlichkeit bei Tieren.


New initiative (WiMi.UP) to change employment praxis at German universities.





I start a new position at vetmeduni Vienna end 2021 and will announce positions for a PostDoc, a PhD student and a technician early 2022. Please contact me if you are interested.


Also, I am searching MSc candidates for projects on individual niche specialisation.