In June 2018, our latest article to the topical issue in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology on "Pace-of-life syndromes: adaptive integration of behaviour, physiology and life-history" went online.


A summary (in German) of our current research was published in Portal Wissen, University of Potsdam, 02/2018, pp. 48-53 - "Jedes Tier ist anders: Biologinnen erforschen das individuelle Verhalten von Kleinsäugern".


Press release to Valeria's paper (in German):

Schnell oder flexibel? – Zusammenhang von Lernstil und Persönlichkeit bei Tieren.


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 BioMove Symposium 2018 on "Integrating biodiversity research with movement ecology" in Potsdam, September, 26-28th 2018.



I am searching M.Sc. students for small mammal experiments in winter 2018/2019.