November 2022: The longest story ever... four years and many journals, but now everyone can read a fantastic story about phenotypic adjustment in energy saving by bats in Oikos.


November 2022: Clara's first PhD chapter gets accepted at Ecology and Evolution.


August 2022: Space use and personality in hares was accepted by Movement Ecology... BioMove on the move.


April 2022: The landscape of fear has individual layers, published in Oikos.


January 2022: Finally it will be out - chipmunk exploration types vary in niche specialisation, accepted by American Naturalist!


October 2021: American Naturalist accepted our modelling POLS study!


September 2021: Frontiers accepted our neophobia study!


September 2021: Ecology Letters accepted our new concept and measure to quantify cascading effects of foraging behaviour on  biodiversity (DivGUD).


November 2020: We got the cover of Oikos, with a spider though.


August 2020: Of city and village mice is finally out in Scientific Reports.


June 2020: Alex' first BioMove PhD chapter is accepted for publication in Oikos and became editor's choice!


March 2020: Our BioMove family paper is finally out in Biological Reviews!


January 2020: My niche is out!


December 2019: Annika's "My niche" paper got accepted at Proc R Soc B!


July 2019: After several decisions that turnt out to be risky Valeria's "risky decisions" paper is published in Scientific Reports!


May 2019: Uli's methods paper on inferring dynamic interactions from concurrent movement data got accepted at MEE!


March 2019: Annika's first PhD paper and our first BioMove paper is out!


A summary (in German) of our current research was published in Portal Wissen, University of Potsdam, 02/2018, pp. 48-53 - "Jedes Tier ist anders: Biologinnen erforschen das individuelle Verhalten von Kleinsäugern".


Press release to Valeria's paper (in German):

Schnell oder flexibel? – Zusammenhang von Lernstil und Persönlichkeit bei Tieren.


Happy to meet you in person at the meeting of the Ethological Society in Berlin 2023!





For my new team at the University of Münster I am searching MSc candidates for projects on individual niche specialisation.