Current Students

Annika Schirmer

(PhD candidate, RTG BioMove, UP)

Consistent individual differences in movement-related behaviour as equalizing and/or stabilizing mechanisms for species coexistence


Angelique Hardert (M.Sc. candidate, UP)

Animal personality: a case study on the gregarious bat species (Carollia perspicilliata)


Christoph Müller (M.Sc. candidate, UP)

Population genetics of Apodemus mice along a rural-urban gradient


Saskia Starck (M.Sc. candidate, U. Greifswald)

Sand lizard (Lacerta agilis) compensatory habitats - do they work?


Linnea Hindriks (B.Sc. candidate, U. Greifswald)

Corridor use of ground beetles: an experimental study


Bennet Warfen (B.Sc. candidate, U. Greifswald)

Personality and risk-taking in the jumping spider (Marpissa muscosa)


Sissy Voigt (B.Sc. candidate, U. Greifswald)

Landscapes of fear in the jumping spider (Marpissa muscosa)


Past Students

Jonathan Kunkel (2018, B.Sc.)

Martin Steffen (2018, M.Sc.)

Saskia Donath (2017, M.Sc.)

Claudia Göttsche (2017, B.Sc.)

Tristan Wendtland (2017, B.Sc.)

Stefanie Winter (2016, M.Sc.)

Stefanie Storch (2016, M.Sc.)

Paula Wallendorf (2016, M.Sc.)

Ulrike Heffner (2016, M.Sc.)

Maureen Schuster (2016, B.Sc.)

Lina Mey (2016, B.Sc.)

Sophie Eden (2015, M.Sc.)

Pauline Lange (2015, M.Sc.)

Franziska Köhler (2013, M.Sc.)

Marie Dittmann (2011, M.Sc.)

Roger Andriamparany (2009, DEA)

Mia-Lana Lührs (2007, Dipl.)

Jochen Steiner (2006, Dipl.)